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Video Hosting in Website

June 25, 2014 Leave a comment

If you are going for Video Hosting in Website,you have three options and we can go ahead with any one of them.

Option 1: Host the video on our own web server: This is cheapest but less reliable option.

Issues: If no of concurrent users are increasing(e.g. more than 100), performance issues will be faced.(You’re only going to be able to serve one copy of your video to all your customers. This doesn’t work in the modern web where almost everyone is on a different device with a different connection speed. )

Also viewing experience is not always smooth.

Option 2: Embed YouTube videos on your website.: YouTube is the easiest way to get video on your website, offer free accounts and let you upload an unlimited number of videos. The video sharing sites then convert your videos to Flash. Once you’ve uploaded your videos, they’ll work on almost any device and at many different connection speeds.

Issues: YouTube branding can distract User, and often annoying.

Option 3: Use a content delivery network for website video. Here you don’t have to worry about many of the technical aspects of putting video on your website. Video is clear quality, and runs almost in any device.

I personally recommend Vimeo Pro, Costing at $199 per year for my clients if they are planning for more than 100 videos. Clients got very good review for this.

Another cheap option is Wistia which cost $100 for 200 GB.

There are few others also available in market, and I will evaluate them as and when I get some time.

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