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Best Resort at Arnala Beach, Virar

August 9, 2012 1 comment
Anand resort Arnala Beach Resort Near Virar

Anand resort Arnala Beach Resort Near Virar

Anand resort near Arnala beach, Virar

I visited Anand resort near Arnala beach, Virar(West).Its loacted nearby virar station.
I checked its review on with more than 85%(around 1774) people marked it with Good or above standard,so choose for my trip(Personally I got confused at first because there are many resort in Arnala,but dont have proper information/Reviews about any).
Anand Resort’s main attraction is the water park theme and the area covered is also very large.
Swimming Pools are big & well maintained.We enjoyed waterfall a lot.

Food is decent and we have lots of options both Veg & Non veg, served buffet style in the dining hall.We enjoyed Non veg food.

My friends also enjoyed Free Golas,& popcorn served at Anand Resort. πŸ™‚

Arnala beach is just walkable distance from the resort.
The Anand Beach Resort website is informative, give information about all packages as well as direction to reach the resort.
Staff is also co-operative.

I visited this place third time with my company friends and I must say stay is worth for price paid.
The hotel is very reasonable & hence cost effective hotel at Arnala Beach,Virar.
Overall experience was good & memorable.
The rooms are also neat & clean.(though I haven’t stay there overnight.)

How to visit Anand Resort,Arnala Beach, Virar:
1. Get down at Virar station.
2. You have the option of bus/auto to Arnala Beach.
3. Just ask anybody, Its very famous resort in the area.(and enjoy your day out)

For person who are coming by roads,
Just follow the link: How to Reach Anand Resort Arnala

Sunset  at  Arnala beach virar beach

Sunset at Arnala beach

Near by Tourist Attractions – Near Arnala Beach, Virar:

1. Jivdani Temple

: Located at Virar East on the mountain (“Jivdani Doanger”) , and Its most significant landmark.You can view it from train also.

2. Suruchi Baug

: Very close to Anand Resort at Arnala Beach

3. Arnala Fort

: Visible from Arnala beach.It was built on a small island off the Arnala port.

Arnala Fort View from  Arnala beach virar beach

Arnala Fort View from Arnala beach virar beach

Important Notice:
Arnala beach is not safe for swimming because of illegal dredging activity causing sand depressions.
So Respect sign boards and numerous warnings given by the lifeguards.

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