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Cast One List to another List ASP.NET C#

June 10, 2015 Leave a comment

If We need to cast List X to List Y, We can use following syntax:

List listOfY = listOfX.Cast().ToList()


How to find a text inside SQL Server procedures / triggers?

October 8, 2014 Leave a comment

Today I come across an change request at my recent project:
Request was to replace a table reference to new view created in all Procedures and functions.

At first glace, I just annoyed by the change, then mu colleague has suggested a way to search though all Procedures Views and functions,

I got details from

Code for your reference:

DECLARE @Search varchar(255)
SET @Search='TheTableNameYouareSearching'

SELECT DISTINCT AS Object_Name,o.type_desc
FROM sys.sql_modules m
INNER JOIN sys.objects o ON m.object_id=o.object_id
WHERE m.definition Like '%'+@Search+'%'

You will get all listing.Really great…Saved lot of time.

Accessing network shared folder using PHP with XAMPP

October 18, 2012 1 comment

Hi All,
I am encountering an issue while accessing Network drive using PHP with XAMPP from last 15 days.
Basically I never used XAMPP(with Window) in network throughout my programming career, & hence the issue is pretty new & confusion for me.
My Scenario:
I have a PC & a Laptop in LAN.Both having Windows 7 OS.I have installed an application on PC as well as Laptop.All data inserted into application from PC and I want to sync with Laptop on daily/weekly basis.
I searched a lot on internet and came across different techniques,I implement them but problem is not yet solved. Just Hereby briefing you all-
When you run Apache as a service on your Windows computer, it chooses to run as the LocalSystem account by default (usually SYSTEM). The LocalSystem account has no network privileges, makes it impossible to access networked resources (such as a shared drive) in your Apache service.

1. First, you have to change the user the Apache service runs as.
Go to your Services panel (Start -> Run -> “services.msc”).(Or tou can right-click My Computer icon on desktop,and select Manage)
Find the Service labeled Apache, right-click, and hit Properties.
Choose the “Log On” tab.
You’ll see that Apache is set up to run as the Local System Account.
You’ll want to change this to the second option, “This account”, and then fill in the details of the User account you would like Apache to run under.
Some sites tell you to create a special Apache-based user account just for this occasion. It’s not a bad idea, but then you have to make sure it has all of the proper permissions that an Apache user would need, such as read/write to to htdocs and the .conf and .log files, and permissions to log on as a service, etc etc – as well as the permissions to access the network resource you’re trying to get to in the first place.(I hadn’t tried this)
In light of that process, I chose to just run it under my own account instead.

To configure how a service is started using the Windows interface:
To specify account, click This account, click Browse, and then specify a user account in the Select User dialog box. When you are finished, click OK.If you still have problem to find exact User,go to advance option & then use “Find Now” functionality provided.Configure How a Service Is Started

Hit “Apply” – it’ll pop up a box saying you need to restart Apache to take effect, but hold off on that for a moment.
This is the tricky part: you have to give the user (the one you’re running Apache as) permissions to act as part of the OS.
Go to the Local Security Policy panel (Start -> Run -> “secpol.msc”).
Under the navigation section in the left sidebar, choose Local Policies -> User Rights Assignments.
In the right-hand frame, double-click the item “Act as part of the operating system” to open up its properties.
Select “Add User or Group, Enter the appropriate user in the box provided, and hit “OK.”
At this point, you are technically complete – Apache can now do the same things to the network resource that your user can – read, write, execute, whatever.
However, in Auther’s case, he was trying to create an actual readable resource, so he edited my Apache config file to create an alias to my share.
Open up your Apache configuration file. For most people it’s httpd.conf in the conf subdirectory of your Apache install directory.
The other thing that is tricky and caught me up is that unlike Apache, the Windows UNCs config file requires backslashes slashes, not forward. Now you can restart your Apache service

On Oct 22,2012:
Hurry…Now I can access the network folder,I even successfully transferred the files to the shared folder.
Now my next challenges:
1. File transfer time is bit more.
2. Transfer the Db files
Will get back if I can find some success..:)

Five Tips For Making Ideas Happen

June 8, 2010 Leave a comment

I went through a nice article “Five Tips For Making Ideas Happen” at wrttrn by Scott Belsky. As author says We have so many great ideas, but most of them never see the light of day. Why do most ideas never happen? The reason is that our own creative habits get in the way.
I personally fount some of the points very true, so i am listing them down.

1. Avoid A Reactionary Workflow:
Without realizing it, most of us have gradually adopted a “reactionary workflow.” We are constantly bombarded with incoming communication: email, text messages, tweets, Facebook posts, phone calls, instant messages, etc. Rather than be proactive with our energy, we spend all of our energy reacting, enslaved to the last incoming item.

To avoid this reactionary workflow, some of the most productive people I have met schedule what can be called “windows of non-stimulation” in their day. For two to three hours per day, these people avoid email and all other incoming communication. In this time, they focus on their list of big items: not routine tasks, but long-term projects that require research and deep thought.

2. Reduce Your Insecurity Work
In the era of Google Analytics and Twitter, we spend too much time obsessing over real-time data because it’s all at our fingertips. Whether it’s your website’s traffic or bank account, checking these repeatedly doesn’t help make your ideas happen. They just make you feel “safe.” Insecurity work is stuff we do that (1) has no definable outcome, (2) does not move the ball forward in any way and (3) takes up so little time that we can do it multiple times a day without realizing it. Still, it puts us at ease.

The first step to reducing insecurity work is becoming self-aware. Identify the insecurity work in your daily life. The second step is to establish guidelines and rituals for yourself that create discipline. Perhaps you could try restricting all of your insecurity work to a particular 30 minutes every day? The third step, if applicable, is to delegate your insecurity tasks to a less insecure colleague, who can review the data periodically and report any concerns.

You will get complete article at here.

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Info for persons Travelling in Auto Rickshaw in Mumbai

November 4, 2009 1 comment

Good news for all those who had to travel in autos and also for those who had to bear all the nonsense’s of these autowallas.

We have already informed the traffic police about the problems which we used to face as daily commuters and they promised to arrange one of their people to Interface building between 6pm – 8pm.

Moreover request you to sit in the auto rickshaw without a word and ask them to take to your place and if at all they refuse to do the same kindly do not come out but whilst sitting in the auto immediately dial traffic control room’s number 24937755 / 24937746 / 24937747. Within 5 minutes the traffic police will reach and they can suspend auto rickshaw licenses.

Few Friends have tried yesterday and today from Malad station and it worked out…. If you are anywhere in Mumbai the above numbers will help you.


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